Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Heart of Light, heart of darkness.

MUG: Promo mug for LakePointe Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Looks like it may have come from Discount Mugs, but who knows. Probably made in China, but no markings. Nice drinker. No dribbles.

COFFEE: Earlywine Breakfast Blend from Independence Coffee Company in Brenham, Texas. They like to use their roaster. They also use names for their coffees like Jet Fuel and Jackhammer. That should tell you something about their flavor profile.

NOTES: The house church I belong to served this. Vacuum-brewed by our pastor (it's his house). The mug is from the church where he was on the staff before moving to Hays County to be a church planter (even if he didn't know it at the time).

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

You can't say you weren't warned.

MUG: Chinese-made mug (imitation Waechtersbach barrel-mug). Decorated by Shutterfly. A good drinker.

COFFEE: As yesterday, I am drinking Afterglow Nicaraguan coffee. It's a light roast, from Summer Moon Coffee. No electricity is used in making this coffee. It's wood-fire roasted in a brick oven, and the roaster barrel is bicycle-powered. Very hip. Good stuff. The Democratic Party in Austin called for a boycott against them because they wouldn't give money to support Planned Parenthood's infanticide business. The Left is good at running protection rackets.

NOTES: This is the Tom R. Moody III Commemorative version. The original sticker that this design is based upon read, "WARNING! You May Have Art In Your Home You Are Unaware Of!" Tom, being slightly pedantic (trained as a lawyer, painter, and art critic), complained of the dangling participle.

Tom, this mug's for you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day of the Dead coffee

MUG: Chinese-made Día de Muertos mug made by Holiday Market for H.E.B. Oversized at 14 ounces, this is a novelty-only design. The lip shape turns this mug into a dribble cup. Bad drinker, but displays well with others.

COFFEE: Afterglow Nicaraguan coffee, light roast, from Summer Moon Coffee. No electricity is used in making this coffee. It's wood-fire roasted in a brick oven, and the roaster barrel is bicycle-powered. Very hip. Good stuff.

NOTES: The end is nigh, regardless.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Red flag.

MUG: Chinese-made photo mug, imprinted in the USofA by Shutterfly. A copy of the venerable Waechtersbach barrel design. Good drinker.

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombia Huila, Pitalito. I haven't been buying from Barrett's for a couple of years due to their roasts drifting to the dark side (or at least, more than I like). This roast (per my request) is going towards the light. That's my plan: Drink good coffee and go towards the Light.

NOTES: This is a one-off pre-commemorative mug for The One Lap of Texas next April. Fools go where angels fear to tread.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Okay to be over caffeinated.

MUG: Chinese promo-mug, an imitation of the original barrel-design by Germany's Waechtersbach. Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm OK with that.

COFFEE: Colombian Santander, light-roasted by Mark at Central Market Westgate. Mark's roasts aren't quite as perfect as Frank's roasts are, but they are still quite good. I'm OK with that.

NOTE: This promo-mug was a visitor's gift from City Chapel at Slaughter Creek, a "Life Giving Church in South Austin." Thank you, Pastors Harry and Rowena, and my friend Ryan Shaver who actually secured it for me.

City Chapel is not my personal 'cup of tea', but it is a delightfully vibrant and truly diverse gathering, speaking the Truth in Love... with a GREAT drummer in the worship band! Recommended.

I hope they're OK with that.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


MUG: 30 ounce stainless-steel double-walled vacuum insulated travel tumbler from Walmart (Ozark Trails).

COFFEE: Cuvée Las Mingas. Columbian. Huila. From the Cuvée website: "The Las Mingas Project (“for the good of all”) in Huila, Colombia promotes partnerships that bring growers and roasters together for direct discussion and exchange." Iced... and it stays iced.

NOTES: Good coffee. I like the coffees coming from Huila.

The mug is an imitation of the Yeti™ Rambler travel tumbler. It's performance, design, and construction are almost identical to the Yeti, with one major difference. The Yeti Rambler costs $39. The Ozark Trails™ costs $10. All of these travel mugs are made in China. The differences between them are negligible and mostly a matter of brand (and prestige). The Walmart version has a slightly narrower base, allowing it to fit in my car's cupholders. As great as it was for Yeti to revisit the old Aladdin and Thermos vacuum designs, there's nothing new or proprietary about their products.

Pay four times as much for a brand just because it's marketing department is in the People's Republic of Austin? Nyet, Comrade.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Beethoven's 10th Sympathy

MUG: Waechtersbach, Made in W. Germany, PMS Mud-colored, Composers Signature Edition.


NOTE: As you should know, I collect Waechtersbach coffee mugs. In the late 1970s, they produced a limited run of mugs with the signatures of Classical Music composers on them. They also produced a run of mugs in a natural color that I admired greatly (I called it PMS-Mud, and painted my entire duplex interior this color).

I never saw any of these 'mud-colored' mugs in the Composers Series, and I never found a Beethoven mug I liked. But last month I found the combo above on Ebay at a reasonable price, a NOS mug. I won the bid. I was excited.

It was shipped wrapped in bubble-wrap, but in a box that was too small and offered no protection. The mug was shattered into about five easy pieces, and a couple of dozen of difficult flakes. I glued it back together (the face side was unbroken) for show and tell and 10th-degree sympathy.