Sunday, December 31, 2017

I'm mulling how to make glue from wine.

MUG: Fiesta Ware coffee/tea cup.

COFFEE: Nope. Nurnberger Christkindl Markt Gl├╝hwein.

NOTES: I should have added a cinnamon stick, and a few cloves. Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trumpet Blast

MUG: Promotional mug, Chinese made, probably from Discount Mugs. Trumpet mouth, with a nice handle, and in the colors of the only high school football team I pay attention to... the Denison Yellowjackets.

COFFEE: The Colombian Huila from Barrett's.

NOTES: I secured this mug from the throwaway box at work. The Savannah Club is an apartment complex catering to students, with rents that start at $915 a month. Times have changed.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Survival of the fittest.

MUG: Chinese-made paid promotional 14 ounce cafe mug, made by Discount Mugs for White Rock Coffee (whose imprint appears on the left-handed front). A speckled-blue glaze on the exterior (reminiscent of enameled steel mugs), with a white interior glazing.

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: Great coffee house/roastery/bulk green bean supplier in Dallas. The original location (where I got this, filled with a nice Rwandan coffee) is on Northwest Highway in the Lake Highlands neighborhood of Dallas... above White Rock Lake. This is the area I grew up in. WRC has been Targeted by the predatory scum at Starbucks Corporate for elimination.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The end of the line.

MUG: As shown before, this is a Spanish ceramic coffee mug with a beautiful yellow glaze featuring hand-painted images of olive leaves, stems, and fruit. The cast body has a hand-attached handle. Thick and fairly light. A bit undersized.

COFFEE: Fair-Trade Organic Colombian Supremo, medium-roasted in San Antonio by Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market.

NOTES: The mug and coffee were both sourced from Melissa Guerra's shop in the Historic Pearl Brewery development in San Antonio. Due to rising rents and low sales volume, Melissa Guerra is closing shop today (although I believe she will maintain an internet store).

Monday, September 25, 2017

"I hope you roast in yellow!"

MUG: Spanish-made Waechtersbach. School bus yellow.

CONTENTS: Roasted tomato soup, creme-style. Brought to life with a few shots of Tabasco Sauce.

NOTES: From my time as the publisher of the unedited art magazine, Bwana-Art.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Just one more.

MUG: Waechstersbach barrel mug... the original, the best. Made in Spain (not the original). 

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: I've long extolled the virtues of this mug (especially the slightly better crafted and heftier W. Germany production).

I've displayed my collection of these Art Institute of Chicago versions, featuring the signatures of artists in their collection (containing both my mother's favored artist, and mine, visible above).

I started my collection of these mugs (without graphics) in 1977 with a set of six mugs in a grey-brown color I later used to paint my duplex, and as an accent color for my business cards, announcements, and other uses. I and my closest associates joking referred to this color as PMS-Mud (roughly, Pantone Matching System - Warm Grey C).

By luck, I recently found this color mug in the Art Institute of Chicago series. I was unaware they had made any in this shade. I camp happily. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Get Shorty.

MUG: Double-walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel 'highball' travel cup from Ozark Trails (Walmart). At 11 ounces, it's great for carrying that last cup of coffee for the drive to work (or church). It's also nice for making gin & tonics in.

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: The vacuum double-walled design works like all the others do (Yeti, RTIC, Nyeti, etc.), that is to say 'great'. It also fits the cup holder in my MINI perfectly, without blocking any of the switch-gear or my add-on Scan-Gauge II water/air/oil-temp/boost/voltage gauge.