Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shiny beast.

Mug: Insulated double-walled stainless steel OXO mug. Meant for camping, I use it for sitting on the front porch enjoying my coffee on cool mornings. I got it out today for two reasons: 1) It was about 69 degrees outside when I got up, so cool mornings are on the way, 2) I've been admiring a double-walled titanium coffee mug for no good reason.

Functionally, this mug works pretty well. It does keep coffee hot longer, and the rubberized grip has a very nice feel to it. The downside is the lip-to-lips interface: it isn't all that pleasant. The metal can be too hot, and it can impart it's metallic composition to the taste buds.

Coffee: I ditched the Columbian blend I have been fighting with for the last two weeks. It has been replaced with an organic from Mexico's Chiapas region. It's not a Fair Trade Coffee, but it is from a "socially responsible" cooperative (or so the distributor claims). It's a medium-dark roast that is just a bit darker than I prefer. But it IS an upgrade from the error of my last few weeks.

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