Friday, December 29, 2006

Texas is a helluva place to die.

Mug: Bought this bistro mug at either Book People or Waterloo Records, in Austin. It's a beauty. Soft, deep blue glaze with a matte finish. White lettering set in Engraver's Gothic (caps/small caps). Nice big handle, wide mouth, stable (if narrow) base. I'm sure the mug comes from China, but I can't confirm that. The company that markets these is based in College Station (and has a humorous Aggie-centric version of this mug).

Contents: Mexican hot cocoa for my sore throat on this rainy, thunder and lightning, winter day.

Info: The text on the mug comes from Congressman David Crockett's parting words to the electorate of Tennessee upon his defeat for another term in November of 1835. He was just a little bitter. He left his home state in late December of that year, to be immortalized as a Texan for all time, just roughly two month and thirteen days later.

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