Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sodom on the Colorado.

Mug: Chinese made restaurant mug. So average as to be unpleasant, this mug has nothing to recommend it, save for where it came from.

Coffee: The Colombian.

Note: Texas' major cities all have (or had) signature hotels from the "golden age of hotels" – institutions that embody the spirit of their host communities. Dallas has the Adolphus, San Antonio the Menger (and the St. Anthony), Houston had the Rice (and the Grand), Fort Worth the Worthington, and El Paso the Plaza.

Austin's signature hotel was the Driskill on 6th Street at Congress. It was established in the mid-late 19th century. It was host to formal balls, high society teas, and lobbyists in town shopping for politicians at the Texas Capitol, conveniently located just a few blocks away. As such, it was also the get-away place for state elected officials to carry on their extra-marital adventures, whether lobbyist provided or naturally procured. The list of names of famous Texas politicians who took comfort in the Driskill is a long one.

Texas politicians: Law by day, Grace by night (or possibly Susan, or even Jonathan).

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edarrell said...

The Driskill is still Austin's signature hotel. A great place to stay, close to downtown, close to the Capitol, close to state agencies, close to 6th Street, close to the Congress Street Bridge and the Mexican free-tail bats.

For a one-subject blog, you cover a lot of terrain, you know? Thanks.