Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tube o' joe.

Coffee: The Colombian Base (a little too strong this morning... I'm still struggling with the settings on the burr grinder).

Mug: A pleasing Chinese promo-mug from Antique Electronic Supply in Tempe, Arizona. Of the generic promo-mug (gimmie-mug?) shape, this style is my favorite Nice handle that's large enough for my fat fingers, with a pleasing bow to the handle shape. The mug cyclinder itself is of a nice thickness (neither too thin nor too thick), the white glaze is WHITE (not the yellow white I see too often on Chinese coffee mugs). When I place the mug in the microwave to heat water (a ritual I do to preheat a mug for my wife's coffee, and to provide hot water for my travel mug's pre-heating), the handle stays comfortable to the touch.

Notes: Antique Electronic Supply sells parts for old tube radios and tube P.A. amplifiers. They have various grill cloths for different radios and amps, knobs, fabric amp coverings, switches, potentiometers, and tubes. I got this mug to signify my tentative exploration of the world of Hi-Fidelity tube amplification. I found an old H.H. Scott Stereomaster 299-D amp from 1964. I've cleaned it up, refinished the wood cabinet, and replaced a tube and two knobs (from Antique Electronic Supply... the knobs are virtually identical, and are sold as replacement knobs for old Marshall amps). A new adventure.

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