Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Battling windmills.

Mug: Another Chinese-made promotional mug in a design imitative of my beloved German Waechtersbach mugs... only not as good. For what it is (a too shiny 11 ounce mug), it's fine.

Coffee: Panama Organic Los Lajones purchased as green beans from Sweet Maria's in Oakland. I roasted the beans this past Saturday while smoking a brisket. Has a "choclatey" undertone to it (boy howdy, that DOES sound pretentious, don't it?).

"Henk's" is one of my all time favorite restaurants. Family owned and operated. Henk Winnubst immigrated to the US after WW II with his wife and infant son. Now, his two sons and daughter run the place, with Henk and his charming wife overseeing Friday night's European ex-pat get together (Dutch, Germans, and Eastern Europeans).

Henk was originally a partner at Kuby's Delicatessen. Karl Kuby was the butcher, Henk was the baker. They had a falling out over Karl's conversion Mormonism (and his funding of Morman Missionaries to Europe). Henk is a faithful Roman Catholic. When the opportunity arose, Henk forced Kuby to buy him out, and Henk bought "The Black Forest Bakery".

Henk's son, Hubertus, is a unique talent and an all-around neat guy. You'll often find him behind the counter.

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