Friday, January 04, 2008

Old White Cracker.

Mug: White ceramic variation of a classic diner/navy mug with decent characteristics: rugged, good body grip, good volume, a handle that's easy on arthritic fingers, and a nicely rounded lip. It is made in that country with the largest number of Christians of any nation on Earth... China.

Coffee: "Country Fixin's" brand "premium" blended coffee, as served in a restaurant with breakfast. Decent enough coffee, but too weak. Probably what the average American would consider "good coffee" (I'm sure they've done lots of market surveys to make sure of that), and most certainly what the demographic market for this restaurant chain would consider to be good.

Note: This was served with a heart-stopping "Country-style" breakfast at a Cracker Barrel Store on I-35 in Buda, Texas. The breakfast was good (two eggs, two biscuits, hash brown casserole, grits, and a hot-link). I liked it.

Dining (and yes, shopping) at the Cracker Barrel probably stands as proof that the Mrs. and I are now officially grandparents. We've got a three year old grandson, and a 15 month granddaughter, but somehow eating at the Cracker Barrel seemed to crystallize the concept that I am a grandfather: a curmudgeonly middle-aged white cracker nearing retirement age. I guess I'll soon join the Spit 'n Whittle Club down at the courthouse and spend all my time talking about how much better things used to be. Oh, wait, I'm already doing that (the talking part).

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