Saturday, March 01, 2008

No coffee for old men, coffee with Chigurh.

Mug: Shenango China mug from New Castle, PA. Old style commercial china, with a vaguely "Indian" decoration. Surprisingly pleasant drinking experience, due to the thick walls of the cup and the good tactile feel of the glaze to the lips. The extra-thick handle (one-finger design) offsets the small size. However, I'm still no fan of the inverted cone cup design.

Coffee: Columbian Supremo, pre-ground before embarking on the trip. Brewed at a strength that the old men (and women) at my church have soundly rejected. They won't drink coffee that I have been associated with because it's always "too strong".

Note: This was consumed (and enjoyed) in Cabin No. 2 at Beavers Bend State Park outside of Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

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