Monday, May 19, 2008

Pass the popcorn.

Mug: Crate & Barrel bistro mug. This mug holds about 11 ounces of coffee. It's made in China (what isn't), but it has a very pleasing design. It feels good in the hand, although the handle is actually too large. The reinforced lip band provides a good feel to the mouth. The color is a bright red, clearly meant to imitate Waechtersbach's red glaze. Quite handsome.

Coffee: Unknown. An oily, dark roast from the H.E.B. in Kyle, possibly French Roast, and ground fresh just prior to brewing. I've got good kids. Flavor reminiscent of burned popcorn. Not the fault of the good kids.

Note: I am seated on the deck at Catherine and Riley's house in Kyle, overlooking the water retention basin/wildlife conservation area behind their house. I am in Kyle for a baby shower for my daughter Anna and her husband David (soon to be of Kyle as well).

I have a cold. Coffee tastes like burned popcorn. Satan is real.

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