Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Body bag.

Mug: Not. Plastic bag.

Coffee: The usual suspects. 100% Colombian Supremo beans, medium roast.

Note: While getting coffee recently from Central Market, I had an idea. The new bean dispensers they have are more difficult to control than the old "scoop in a bin" way. I couldn't tell how much coffee was going into the bag (vertical drop hopper style), and so I've been overfilling the normal coffee bag.

The coffee is in the "bulk" area, with the spices and teas and candies. They have zip-lock plastic bags of various sizes for these. Why not use the zip-lock bags for coffee, instead of the opaque paper "coffee" bags? They'd have the bonus of sealing better than the fold-over paper bags, and the beans would stay fresher longer, holding their flavor, and the brewed coffee would have better "body".

So I did.

P.S. They weigh less than the paper bags, too, so they save a penny or two.

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