Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another flaky mug.

MUG: Waechtersbach™ "snowflake" mug.

COFFEE: Colombian Supremo roasted by What's Brewing from Central Market (their "house brand"). Burr ground.

NOTES: Even a Spanish-made Waechtersbach mug is superior to most all other mugs. This navy blue mug has the unique to Waechtersbach "void" glaze (the white base slip is exposed) forming the snowflakes. While scrounging for used LPs at a local Thrift Store, I found this as-new mug for 33¢.

1 comment:

vaughn wascovich said...

okay pm. i'm amazed. a blog about coffee and mugs. really? damn, i hope you're doin' well. i need to get you some real mugs. old 'made in east liverpool, ohio' or buffalo china. how's the stereo world? and the bike world? and dallas? and you?

okay, i give up. i'll come into town for a coffee with you. i'm off until january 17. write me! vaughn