Saturday, March 20, 2010

Die Grosse Mug

Cappuccino from my Saeco Estro Vapore espresso machine, with a cocoa and chili powder dusting.

A giant Waechtersbach cappuccino mug (how appropriate) from the Crate & Barrel Outlet Store. Nobody does red glaze like Waechtersbach (not even the old, radioactive Fiestaware).

Temperature outside was 74F yesterday. Twenty four hours later it's 35F, windy and raining. "Mr. Summer! Your horses are out of your pasture again!"


Chef Wally said...

That Saeco is a classic. Hope it is serving you fine coffee. I am Saeco rep in Texas and I am always happy to see anything about Saeco on line, in print, etc.

I just discovered your blog & have enjoyed.

PM Summer said...

The Saeco has served me extremely well for 10+ years. Fine machine.