Sunday, June 06, 2010

More craft, less art, please.

MUG: Mosaic slab construction mug, the mate to the mug seen in the previous post. "A porous coffee cup" isn't the same thing as "Pour us a cup of coffee". It leaks (no cracks).

COFFEE: Not wanting to waste good coffee, I made a single cup of Starbucks™ VIA® Ready Brew. It's the premium instant coffee ready brew coffee that comes in little tubular single-serve packets, a sample of which came in yesterday's newspaper (told you I was a Luddite). What does it taste like? Premium priced instant coffee.

NOTES: Double fail.


Eliot Landrum said...

Which VIA was it? IMHO, the Italian is far superior than the Columbian.

PM Summer said...

I don't know. Probably Colombian. I don't think that freeze-burn taste of instant coffee was a product of the varietal or roast.

I did like the fact that it left tiny grounds in the bottom of the cup.