Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Debris field

Paper cup, with a plastic lid and a corrugated paper sleeve. I forgot to remove it, and so the aromatic and tactile experience was diminished considerably.

COFFEE: Starbucks™ Anniversary Blend. Touted as "bold and spicy", I found it thin and underwhelming.

NOTES: The debris field represents my using a Starbucks™ as my early morning home away from home in Tulsa. A plastic cup of water (the best thing I had there), the wrapper from my apple-spice muffin, an empty pill bottle that held my vitamins and prescription meds, a used, tightly folded paper napkin (as is my habit), and the coffee.

Am I the only one who is noticing a thinning of the brew-strength at Starbucks™? This has happened a few times, recently (usually when I am traveling). Lowering the bar, perhaps, to gain market? Or is it just me?


Eliot Landrum said...

Can't speak to the brew-strength as I always go for an americano or a french press. Those are always strong enough for me.

PM Summer said...

Being a big drip, I like drip coffees. ;-)

But you opened my eyes (literally) to the french press pot at Starbucks! I didn't know they offered that. I usually take my french press travel mug (demonstrated here somewhere) on most vacations, using the hotel in-room coffee maker to produce hot water, or if traveling with Mrs. Summer, I take my small Melitta drip maker.