Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can't kut it.

MUG: Stoneware 'gimmie' mug of unknown origin (always safe to guess China). Trumpet shaped, with a handle that appears to have been inspired by the bridge over the Colorado River on the Capitol of Texas Parking Lot. The trumpet shaped bowl always feels unbalanced to me. The glaze has a grittiness that is a bit unpleasant to the lips. This will clearly be going to the Kyle Public Library Thrift Store at some point.

COFFEE: Continuing with the Barrett's Guatemalan Estate... and with 2.5 lbs. left, will continue so for the next couple of weeks.

NOTES: Today's mug was a premium I received for supporting KUT 90.5 FM, The University of Texas Not-The-Student Radio Station. I never listen to the broadcast station (indie rock, Austin banality, NPR news and chat... and Prairie Dog Companion, of course). I support KUT solely because they run the JazzWorks programming out of Pittsburgh (sort of pretending it's their own) on their HD3 channel. You have to have a special HD Radio tuner to receive it. I think there's about six of us who do.

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