Monday, February 27, 2012

Costa Rica de Brazil

MUG: Restaurant service china. Place of manufacture uncertain (China?). "Since 1847" it says on the bottom. A perfectly fine commercial utensil.

COFFEE: Costa Rican medium roast. Brewed strong and served fresh, this was an enjoyable cup of coffee. Nothing great, but being simply enjoyably good is too often a surprise. Pleasant company allowed for appreciative consumption.

NOTES: Served at the Cafe Brazil in Houston on Dunlavy @ Westheimer. The nearest place to The Menil Collection to get a meal and/or a cup of coffee (not counting the Cafe To Go at the big, hip H.E.B. on Dunlavy at Alabama). This will soon change, as The Menil Collection has decided to add a café to their collection... perhaps in the de-consecrated Byzantine Frescoless Chapel?

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