Sunday, August 12, 2012

Putting on your Sunday best.

MUG: Contigo travel mug, with carabiner-handle and positive snap opening. Sitting atop is a Melitta Ready Set Joe one cup (#2) filter holder.

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombian Supremo.

NOTES: Is there worse coffee than church coffee? AA meeting coffee perhaps, and gas station coffee. But church coffee, for whatever reasons, is usually made from poor quality (never pour-over quality) coffee, and normally made too weak. It's primary purpose seems to be to serve as a warm lubricant for stale donuts. My church serves great, fresh donuts, but the Folger's we serve is another matter. Perfectly acceptable to most. But I'm spoiled.

Because we have a balancing act at home involving making enough coffee to satisfy my 89 year old mother-in-law's afternoon cravings, without my having to make coffee all day long, I've started making an extra mug (a.k.a., three cups) of coffee to take to the Jesus party. This newly acquired filter holder holds the required amount of fresh grounds, and two and a half pours makes great joe. Notice the very convenient (and highly appreciated) open viewing port at the bottom of the filter holder so you can keep from over-filling the mug.

It's a great device, and it's cheap, too.

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