Friday, March 01, 2013

Dark water

MUG: Imitation Waechtersbach mug from China, part of a Toastess single-cup drip coffee hotel in-room coffeemaker.

COFFEE: Melitta "Buzzworthy" Coffee Pod. It also says "European Indulgence" and "100% High Grown Arabica Coffee". This resulted in a thin, stale tasting, lightly colored, warm dark-water beverage. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

NOTES: I have a high opinion of the Melitta brand historically, even though there is a clear difference between Melitta EU and Melitta NA. I have been using Melitta brewing system variations (always the drip cone system they invented, almost always their filters) for almost forty years. The stale-tasting liquid that was produced by this coffee pod threatens that respect. IMO, this is a brand-damaging product. But then, some of the fault may also lie with the Toastess, which certainly doesn't heat water to a proper temperature. Nor is it designed for this coffee tampon product.

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