Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Me kneeling.

MUG: An almost perfect copy (Chinese?) of a genuine Waechtersbach mug. The handle is a tiny bit narrower than what is used by the German company, and the ceramic itself is a bit thinner-walled and denser than what the Germans produce. Is it good to be a high-quality imitation? The orthodoxy of that question (imitation vs. stolen) would be a good discussion between the Menil in Houston and the Kimbell in Fort Worth.

COFFEE: The norm: an estate-grown Colombian Supremo roasted by Barrett's.

NOTES: The Menil Collection in Houston is one of the few museum's I make a point of visiting (I haven't made it up to the Dallas Museum of Art to see a temporary exhibition that one of my own works is in).  I'll even drag a couple of non-art guys I went to a Rangers/Astros baseball game with to this museum. This mug was done for the Menil's 25th Anniversary. The grey body with white trim mimics the color scheme used not only on the museum, but also on all the bungalows the museum owns in a three-square block colony around the museum.

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