Saturday, March 08, 2014

I'll take mine black.

MUG: A gift from the Bob Bullock State History Museum (don't bother to ask, "Which state?"). Chinese-made, with a black-trimmed lipped rim and foot. Sort of a Neo-Classical design, but it drinks well.

COFFEE: Brazilian Carmo de Minas Fezenda Sertão, Micro Lot 2. As most of my coffees are lately, this one was roasted at the Westgate Central Market. I like the good Brazilian coffees quite a bit. As the world's largest exporter of coffee beans, they produce a lot of crap beans for crap coffee as well, and the superior beans are a bit rarer in the marketplace.

NOTES: The mug was given to me by a dear friend who who made a decision to move away. Sort of a "piece offering"... as was the event the mug commemorates.

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