Monday, April 20, 2015

Highly 'Si' likely.

MUG: Spanish-made unadorned white eleven ounce Waechtersbach cylinder mug.

COFFEE: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe via Werka Bauka processors in Ethiopia, via La Colombe roasters in Philadelphia, via Der Kuchen Laden merchants in Fredericksburg, Texas.

NOTES: Say the smart people: "The beans have the fragrance of white nectarine, marshmallow, tangerine, coffee blossom, guava, tomato, cane sugar, mango, long pepper, and macadamia nut. The grounds have the fragrance of spinach, yellow peach, mango, vanilla bean, papaya blossom, iodine, tart cherry, rosemary, and orange peel. The aroma of this coffee is of yellow peach, soil, tart mango, rose hips, tart cherry, orange peel, oolong tea, dried apricot, thyme, bakers chocolate. This is a full body coffee that is rounded with a deep stone fruit complexity that is more to the pineapple structure. This is a high acidity coffee that is juicy and lingering with a delicate desert floral sweetness. The flavors of this coffee are of yellow nectarine, manilla mango, yucca flower, tangerine, black tea, black cardamom, coca nibs, brown sugar, fleur de sel, pineapple."

Personally, I thought it tasted pretty good, especially after a day of generic cafe coffee and canned dark roast. I like Yiracheffe. A lot.

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