Wednesday, November 09, 2016

You can't say you weren't warned.

MUG: Chinese-made mug (imitation Waechtersbach barrel-mug). Decorated by Shutterfly. A good drinker.

COFFEE: As yesterday, I am drinking Afterglow Nicaraguan coffee. It's a light roast, from Summer Moon Coffee. No electricity is used in making this coffee. It's wood-fire roasted in a brick oven, and the roaster barrel is bicycle-powered. Very hip. Good stuff. The Democratic Party in Austin called for a boycott against them because they wouldn't give money to support Planned Parenthood's infanticide business. The Left is good at running protection rackets.

NOTES: This is the Tom R. Moody III Commemorative version. The original sticker that this design is based upon read, "WARNING! You May Have Art In Your Home You Are Unaware Of!" Tom, being slightly pedantic (trained as a lawyer, painter, and art critic), complained of the dangling participle.

Tom, this mug's for you.

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