Sunday, April 22, 2012

Best 'luck' ever.

MUG: Today's mug, patterned after the German Waechstersbach design I love, is a generic Chinese-made mug from The World's Best Ever consumerist website. The mug comes with a dry-erase marker that allows you to write in whatever 'best' you have in mind. I just report, you decide. 

COFFEE: Colombian Fair Trade, organic, shade-grown, medium roast beans from Redbud Roasters in San Marcos, Texas. Purchased direct from roaster at the 150 Market the day after roasting. Good coffee. Flavor and aroma are both excellent, although it is slightly darker than my preference, with just a 'hint' of burn. Freshness counts, and covers many roasting sins.

NOTE: Best life ever. That's mine. See the wheel bearing in the photo? It's from a 2011 Honda Pilot.

Thursday was my youngest grand daughter's six-month birthday (fair Claire LaGrone). At 11:00 p.m. that night, a Honda Pilot SUV, traveling up to 70 mph, smashed through my son-in-law's Ford Focus that was parked at the cul-de-sac's curb and into their house, smashing through the wall in Claire's nursery. Her crib was crushed by the bed in the room that was pushed up against it. While the driver of the Honda remains unconscious in ICU, Claire was unharmed. The wheel bearing from the Honda was found almost 200 feet away, at the extreme end of the debris field.
Someone remarked that her parents must be really good people to have such great luck. Well, as wonderful as I think Claire's parents are, it is all about the really great God they have, and how good He is.

P.S.: Because it's true.

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