Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bogus Bodum Bonus

MUG: Double-walled glass with silicon gripper and spill-resistant lid. Twelve ounce capacity. Good insulating properties (hot coffee, but not hot fingers or lips), and glass is a pleasant tactile sensation.

COFFEE: Starbucks 'medium' roast Colombian. Shiny-black, oily, bitter beans. An error of timing on my part resulted in running out of my preferred Barrett's coffee. My wife had purchased a pound of this Starbucks as an emergency coffee (on sale and with a coupon, it was $5). Like most things 'suitable for emergency use', it falls far short on the standard.

NOTES: Made in China, imitating the Bodum line of double-walled insulated glass beverage containers (even the available green, red, and orange colors are very 'Bodum-like'). A great product for $5 (a similar Bodum glass is $20), I don't expect it to have a long lifespan, due to the absence of the pressure equalizing relief valve as now used on genuine Bodum glasses. 

BONUS: This travel tumbler fits in the cup-holders of my MINI Cooper without blocking (or activating) any controls! MINI owners will understand.

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