Saturday, July 07, 2012

Coffee spec

MUG: Diner-style mug of unknown manufacture. The front side bears the imprint of a record store in the Pacific Northwest.

COFFEE: Guatemalan Antigua from Spec's Liquor Store and Deli.

NOTES: I buy my coffee from Barrett's Micro-Roasters via the Internet and the US Postal Service. They roast and ship twice a week, and I get my delivery a couple of days after roasting. It's a great way to get consistently good coffee, 5 pound bag at a time.
But on occasion, I time my order wrong, and have to go scrambling for a few day's substitute.

The whole bean coffees at my local mega-grocery store are consistently over-roasted. Other resources are lacking. However, I finally found a reasonable emergency supply source. Spec's is a large chain of liquor stores based in Houston. Their larger stores have "gourmet deli" sections (some more so than others). The Spec's ten miles from me has a wall of bulk coffee beans, roasted by Spec's in Houston. Their beans are mostly over-roasted, but they have a "light" Colombian Supremo and a Guatamalan Antigua that have the proper "City" roast that I feel brings out the best of the bean's flavors.

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