Monday, July 23, 2012

I went back

MUG: M Ware mug, made in China. This is another Waechtersbach imitation, with thinner walls than the original, but of very similar dimensions.

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombian. Brewed stronger than usual due to some maintenance work I did on the coffeemaker last Friday.

NOTES: I saw this mug at Dooley's 5-10 & 25 Store in Fredericksburg, Texas (a real, old-fashioned dime-store) a month or so ago. I didn't get it then, as Dooley's is a "cash only" establishment, and all I had on me was pocket change and my debit card.

We went back last Saturday, and I got both of the ones they had. One for me, and one as a gift for a friend's 90+ year old father (a German-Texan living in northeast Oklahoma), although the gift may really be intended for Otto's much younger second wife. She's the Ausländer who has had to deal with the mug's prophetic sentiment for the last twenty years (since not long after my friend's mother passed away).

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