Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Roadside Distraction

MUG: Styrofoam-paper hybrid cup? I'm not sure what the composition of this McDonald's McCafe cup is, but it's thick foam, with a very nice thick-rolled lip and a bonded paper wrapper. Good tactile experience (for a paper cup).

COFFEE: Nope. Hot(?) chocolate at McDonald's.

NOTES: It's 10:30 p.m. in Belton, Texas, on a drive back to Hays County from attending a concert at Baylor University in Waco. The day started in Galveston. We are exhausted. A 5-Hour Energy Shot propelled me from Kyle to Waco (walked into the auditorium 3 minutes before the performers took the stage), but its effects are wearing off, with 80 miles to go before I sleep... and I want to sleep once I get home. Hot chocolate at Starbucks is on my menu, as a small caffeine boost should get me through the I-35 gauntlet without keeping me awake all night.

I missed the exit to Starbucks in Temple. As punishment, I get a too sweet, luke-warm 'Swiss Miss-ish' beverage further down the road. It is appreciated, and sufficient for the last leg of my journey to bed.

I survived the drive to post this.

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