Friday, November 16, 2012

On the Beach

MUG: Previuosly featured Starbuck's™ branded hybrid mug. Stainless-steel exterior provides an insulating void around a ceramic drinking vessel. Great lip-service (literally), nice rubber handle, and a spill-resistant lid. A nice mug for certain occasions.

COFFEE: Guatemalan Antigua from Barrett's, replacing the standard Colombian. The taste-recalibration project is almost at an end.

NOTES: On the beach at Galveston Island, on a balcony of the Commodore Hotel. The coffee was brewed with my new Road Trip Koffee Kit, which consists of a yellow-orange Swedish-made Koffi™ plastic Melitta-filter cone dripper (that I've had for over thirty years), a Stanley™ vacuum bottle (that I've had for three years), and a bright pink electric kettle (that I've had for a week or so). I bring pre-measured zip-lok bags of ground coffee and bottles of Ozarka™ spring water.

Here's the kit in action.

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