Saturday, December 15, 2012

Memory harvester

MUG: Chinese-made diner mug, imported by M. Cornell Importers. Heavy, self-defense style mug. Good handle, thick walls, and ample capacity makes this a true 'manly mug'.

COFFEE: Colombian Supremo from Barrett's. Perhaps a bit too light? I am besieged by a lingering upper respiratory infection and a balky coffee grinder. Tastes are all over the place.

NOTES: I found this mug at Tractor Supply Company. I used to drive an International Harvester Scout, even had my first fender-bender in it. Under-powered, top heavy, four wheel drive farm vehicle, without a gas gauge. It had two gas tanks, and when you started to run out of gas, you'd switch tanks on the fly. Some fun on the highway (top speed of 70 mph, if I recall correctly).

I recently discovered Tractor Supply Company (having seen them along the highways for a few years). Waves of nostalgia swept over me when I first entered the new TSC in Buda, Texas. It is almost exactly like the Farm & Ranch departments in the Sears & Roebucks of my childhood. Barbed wire, saddles and tack, gardening supplies, electric fence materials, livestock supplies, farm and ranch wear, pocket knives, hardware, tools and agricultural implements. It brought a tear to my eye of days gone by, of time spent with my father and brother.

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