Monday, December 02, 2013

Coffee not burned, in more ways than one.

MUG: A plasti-feely-foamy cup thingie from Dixie Cup, the Perfect Touch cup. Soft to the touch, with a harder rolled edge to give decent lip feel. No polystyrene foam is used in its manufacture.

COFFEE: A "100% ORGANIC, 100% FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED, 100% ARABICA" coffee of unspecified origin, roasted and brewed by Summermoon Coffee in Austin.  The roaster says, "NO FOSSIL FUELS, 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY, NO ELECTRICITY. We roast by hand in a brick oven, over a mesquite fire, using sight, sound, and smell to consistently offer our customers a unique and superior coffee experience." I've been told they use bicycles to rotate the roasting drums.

NOTES: Without a doubt, the absolute best 'church-coffee' I've ever been served (as served at The Well in Buda, Texas... which also 'served up' something entirely different and far less tasty yesterday).

As a great bonus, and no small thing to me, no human babies were burned to death in the fire of Moloch to make this coffee.

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