Saturday, November 30, 2013

The daily grind changes. Conehead's revenge.

MUG: Not a mug, but a new grinder. It's a Breville Smart Grinder.

COFFEE: A Santa Inez from Brazil, by way of the Central Market at Westgate.

NOTES: I replaced my well-used Cuisinart burr grinder a few months ago (when it disintegrated internally) with a Krups conical burr grinder. I tried to like it, but while it had some great advantages over the Cuisinart (it didn't make a huge mess), it also didn't grind the coffee consistently, resulting in 'muddy' coffee from my cone filter drip maker (drip filter grind had too much finely powdered coffee).

The Breville is a true conical grinder (the Krups was a hybrid, with concave/convex disc burrs). I asked it some questions, and it remains mute, so I guess it isn't really very smart. We'll see what its learning curve is.

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