Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Onward through the fog!

MUG: Diner mug of probably Chinese manufacture. The usable capacity is the standard 11 ounces. Great shape, thick handle, massive weight, and well-formed lip all make this a wonderful drinker. Tastefully adorned with the logo of a great culinary-arts supply shop, Der Kuchen Laden. It could come in handy should you need to crack open some nuts (or skulls) as well.

COFFEE: Upon further review, the ruling on the field has been reversed. The Colombian Santander from Central Market-Westgate, that I described below as "suddenly disappointing," tastes great today, with none of the 'burned' flavor I moaned about. Tasted great yesterday, too. Probably an allergy thing that made it taste burned for a while.

NOTES: A golf course rises though the fog where yesterday stood a lake.

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