Monday, August 21, 2006

Diner soar.

Mug: A birthday present from Catherine and Riley. They picked it up in Schulenberg, Texas at a cafe/gift shop. An excellent example of the "American Diner" coffee mug styling. While most mugs of this design are an off-white color, this variety uses a dark brown glaze. Easier to wash. If the coffee stains don't come out, no one will notice. I believe The Kettle and Terry's restaurant chains both used this type of mug. It's a "keeper".

Please notice the nice halo-effect in the photo. "The heavenly blend!" was Chock Full O'Nuts' motto, as I recall. We won't be saying that about this cup of coffee (see comments below).

Coffee: While in Houston, Riley and I went to the Spec's Liquor Sore and Deli Warehouse near downtown. Fascinating place. They even had their own coffee roaster, and roasted coffee on the premises (or so they said).

I bought a pound of dark roast Columbian Supremo because I like mine roasted a little darker than the "light" roast most coffee roasters use. I began having my concerns about the coffee when I put it in the car and the car didn't begin to smell like coffee. Not very aromatic, and that's not a good sign for coffee beans.

Made a pot this morning, and wasn't too impressed. It's a true "dark roast", which means it's too burnt tasting for me, although Linden prefers dark roast. I'll blend it with the pound of light roast Columbian we have in the house and see if it strike a happy balance.

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