Saturday, August 05, 2006

Remember the coffee.

Mug: This is a big mug, just below one of those magnum latte mugs. This baby holds 16 ounces of coffee. My normal mug holds 12 ounces, and a standard "coffee cup" holds about 8 ounces. Not for amateurs. This particular mug has a pretty trendy look juxtaposed with the graphic. A satin cobalt exterior glaze with a gloss off-white interior. Very attractive. Nicely shaped handle, but I don't really like these conical shaped mugs because of a slight wobblliness when I set the cup down.

The text on the mug comes from the last official words of Congressman David Crockett as he left Tennessee (following his electoral defeat) to meet his destiny in Texas. 50+ years in Tennessee and 50 days (+/-) in Texas made him a Texan for all eternity. Following
the Episcopal Church General Convention's confirmation of Eugene Robinson as the denomination's first openly gay "bishop", the Rev'd David Roseberry resigned from the Diocese of Dallas' Convention Deputation and returned to Texas. I sent him a coffee mug with this same inscription (although a mug of a more "manly" rustic style than this slightly "metro-sexual" mug) as a thank-you gift.

The standard Columbian Supremo brew, with 2 tablespoons (7 grams) of coffee beans per 8 ounces of water. Strong, but not too strong.

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