Sunday, August 27, 2006

Drink from this cup.

Mug: These cups were a birthday gift to Linden and I from our dear friend and sister in Christ, Noreene Hurst. Noreene moved to Dallas last year, fleeing her native New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, along with her three grandsons (who are with her while her daughter Kimtreece serves in Iraq...keep her and all our troops in your prayers). In her trials, Noreene has managed to be a blessing to others. Thank you, Noreene.

The shape of this mug is actually quite satisfactory. It's a "China" mug (made in and of), but the handle and lip are both pleasing to the touch, and the base isn't too narrow to effect stability.

Coffee: I'm still drinking the "blend". I'm ready to move past my error, but I have about half a pound of error yet to consume. The "Love" cup is shown as prepared for Linden's consumption (con leche).

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