Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bottoms up.

Mug: The favorite, again. The standard by which all others are compared. The champ. The best. The no longer available Waechtersbach natural slip glaze coffee mug. I once painted the interior of my duplex this color. I jokingly called it PMS-MUD (Pantone Matching System - Mud color). I am this color.

A change. Picked up a pound of locally roasted Certified Organic, Fair-Trade (as opposed to Free Trade), Nicaraguan coffee beans at Central Market. It's a nice "change up" from the standard, although it remains within the same spectrum of coffee types.

OT: I watched "V for Vendetta" last night, the movie adaptation of the graphic novel. It has its moments, and is worth a watch.


Herald said...

Coffee - it's just a lot of love in a cup.

I think I should experiment a little with different kinds of coffee. I might be missing out quite a bit if I stick with just the most regular kind. I haven't even held a single coffee bean in my hand in years, if ever. Unlike you, obviously. Nicaraguan coffee beans? That's exactly what I mean. Something different, something new, something.. better?

PM Summer said...

Go for it, but beware. Good coffee will own you.