Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Way We Were.

Mug: An early Starbucks travel mug. Remember these? This style of mug arrived on the scene around 1980. It has a keyed lid/splash-guard on top that "screws" in, and a sticky foam-rubber bottom so it won't slide off the dashboard of your Suburban as you wheel into the carpool queue at the local elementary school. This design clearly predates that great American automotive innovation: the cupholder.

Functionally, this design has many drawbacks, but it was a breakthrough. Obviuosly, the possibilities were endless.

Coffee: Guatemalan Antigua, medium roast, medium grind, double strength. This is a coffee that is VERY similar to the Columbian Supremo beans that I enjoy. See, even when I change, I try and resist change.

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