Monday, April 15, 2013

Special Report: Death becomes burr.

DEATH: Our cheap and messy (but perfectly functional) Cuisinart conical burr coffee bean grinder died this morning, after a mere 2,500 uses (approximate count, based upon entering service in late 2006 and grinding coffee approximately 1.1 times a day). The internal body/skeleton/core, which both houses the grinders and funnels the beans, broke into two parts.  Upper and lower pieces.

RENEWAL: I can make it work (as I did this morning) by pressing down on the lid forcefully, while touching my nose and ear simultaneously. I have looked into using super-glue to reattached the pieces, but I believe that would be a futile exercise in thumbly repair.

Tomorrow's remedy will be to either use my old blade grinder (if I can find it), or to use the Bodum blade grinder I have in reserve for either gifting, or just such an emergency.

Blade grinders are perfectly acceptable for drip coffee (as I usually make), a bit trickier for French Press coffee (which I make on rare occasion), and unsuitable for espresso (which I make about once a week when it's not summertime). I need a new burr grinder, and I know which one I want, one that balances design, function, and price. I'm not going to spend $300 for a grinder (or $200, or $150, but maybe $120).

COINCIDENCE: Interestingly, this coincides with the departure of our faithful Hamilton Beach coffee maker. It didn't break, but our daughter's identical machine did (a gift from us), so off it went to keep them jacked up. The new coffee maker we purchased (of interesting hybrid lineage) has now been in use for a week. A review of said maker was forthcoming when this calamity struck.


Chef Wally said...

Howdy from Der Kuchen Laden. I just reordered Cuisinart conical burr grinders today. Will make sweet deal for you, if you are interested. Other options available.

Chef Wally said...
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PM Summer said...

Greetings, Chef! I saw that DKL had the Cuisinart, and was considering the drive (prior to your note). My heart was set on a Bodum burr grinder due to the anti-static glass receiver, but alas...

I performed 'plastic surgery' on the Queasyart (super-glue to the rescue). It fused the internals together so that A) it works, and B) but only at medium grind. I fused it good.

A new Krups is in route.

Let's talk BBQ soon, or should I say, NewBQ/smoked prime rib.