Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special Report: the Krups of the matter.

DEVICE: A Krups burr coffee mill has replaced the Cuisinart coffee grinder that broke last week. It is of German design, and is vaugely reminiscent of something from Fritz Lang's film Metropolis.

I did perform 'plastic surgery' on the Cuisinart using super-glue, and while that allowed it to grind coffee beans for the preceding week, it only allowed for a medium grind (the rotating sleeve seized as a result of glue creep). Plastic surgery often reduces range of motion and expression, i.e., Joan Rivers.

FUNCTION: Too early to tell, as I have yet to figure out the nuances of this device (what settings produce what results). I can report that it is quieter under load than the burr grinder it replaced, but that it is also lighter weight. Grind capacity appears roughly equal, although storage capacity is halved (which is a good thing, as a coffee grinder should not do double duty as a coffee bean canister). The first batch was mistakenly ground too coarse, but the flavor result was satisfactory.

NOTES: One of the reasons I chose the Krups (beyond my love-of-things-German) is my past experience with a Krups drip coffee maker, a cleverly-designed device that I passed on due to my dislike of its stainless steel lined carafe (before I discovered that oxy-clean powder solves the problem of keeping said carafes perfectly clean).

The German kitchen appliance firm Krups is often confused with the German armament firm Krupps. They are not related. Krups competes with Braun, while Krupps competes with Browning.

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