Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A hot cup of barth to start the day.

MUG: Chinese-made specialty mug, imprinted by Vistaprint (my new supplier of short-run irritants). Yet another imitation Waechtersbach-style barrel mug. Perfectly fine, almost invisible in design and function. The handle has a slightly trapezoidal shape, bulging out at the bottom in an attempt to afford an improved grip.

COFFEE: Guatemalan Antigua beans, roasted (on my birthday) at the Central Market store in the West Gate Shopping Center (roastery picture shown at bottom) on the south side of my demarcation line (Hwy 281). Tasty coffee. The bin describes the roast as Full City - Medium, and I have to agree, but it is considerably lighter than what most roasters consider a medium (Full City) roast. I think it's roasted correctly, but what do I know. I prefer the subtleties of lager beer, too.

NOTES: The inscription reads, Reject Religion / Follow Jesus. I had a few bumper stickers, two t-shirts, and this mug made with this logo-statement on them. The new digital printing industry has made such short runs financially viable, and allows theo-terrorists like myself to prototype products and messages. This particular message plays on a statement made by the Swiss Reformed theologian Karl Barth (friend of Dietrich Bonhoeffer) that "Christianity is not a religion. It is a revelation from God." To Barth's thinking, religion is Man's attempt to elevate themselves up to their god(s), to win approval through worship, to a god(s) usually in Man's own image. Christianity is God's turning that notion on its head. God came to man in man's image, to reconcile without warrant, by his grace. Religion interferes with the acceptance of that grace.

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