Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Creeping Darkness.

MUG: Oh look. It's another German-made Waechtersbach novelty mug. A pink death-head (as shown before).

COFFEE: An organic Colombian from Central Market's in-house roastery. A fairly light roast, which seems to be the style of the chief roaster at the Westgate CM.

NOTES: For years, I brewed coffee from beans sourced from What's Brewing in San Antonio (as sold by Central Market in Dallas). I liked them because they didn't over-roast their coffee. I thought I noticed a change a few years ago, but then we moved and I had to find a new source. After some trial (and much error), I discovered a micro-roastery in South Austin that didn't over-roast everything. Their Colombian and Guatemalan beans were old-school 'Full City' (before "full" meant oily). But lately, they have tended to produce by default a slightly darker roast than my preference. I buy my coffee from them in five pound shipments (three week supply), but I have neglected to request a return to the lighter style they used to employ.

Putting off ordering, I found myself out of coffee. I asked my dear wife to pick up some Colombian or Guatemalan at Central Market when she made a trip recently (40 mile round-trip... we don't go needlessly). She came back with the What's Brewing Colombian. The beans were dark and slightly oily, with the flavor many associate with good coffee, but which I find to mask the subtle flavors of a good varietal coffee.

On a return trip to Central Market this week (for the disappointing "Brewniversity" paid event), I picked up a pound of their in-house roasted Colombian. Not shiny. Not oily. Not burnt. Perhaps even a bit too light, but easily adjustable by adding to the coffee amount for a given pot.

Let there be light.

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