Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Green Party

MUG: Waechtersbach mug from Germany by way of Die Kuchen Laden in Fredericksburg. Not much else to say about this example of crockery perfection that I haven't already said.

COFFEE: Guatemalan Antigua, sourced from Central Market Westgate's in-house roastery. A perfection in coffee that damn near matches the mug's.

NOTES: Made the 40 mile round-trip to South-est Austin yesterday to buy coffee. The previous two times I've purchased Central Market's in-house roasted beans, they have been excellent, but there has never been anyone manning the roastery to speak with. Yesterday they were staffed up. There was a snooty hipster making drip samples in a precious Japanese imitation of the Melitta system, an "Old Austin Hippie" dispensing sample cups of Colombian Supremo coffee from a large pot (appropriately), who was also dispensing coffee idiocy. "Yeah, man, you know they don't really grow coffee in Colombia. It's just a distribution and processing center." He looked like he needed a job, so I kept my mouth shut (as should of he).

The Chief Roaster was on duty. A likeable fellow. I called him over to complement him on CM's not over-roasting their beans like the vast majority of coffee roasters in the area do. I was scooping the Guatemalan, and he asked me what I liked. "Mainly Guatemalan and Colombian, for their fruity flavor and general consistency," said I. "Ah, Colombian. The perfect coffee." he replied "You should try some of our Organic Colombian that I roasted the other day. I've been drinking a lot of it!"

So I bought about 20 ounces of each.

I did ask if they sold green beans, and I got an emphatic "No."

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