Thursday, January 11, 2007

Christmas remaindered.

Mug: Starbucks Holiday Mug from the Clearance Shelf at a local Starbucks. $2.99 of post-holiday joy (marked down from $9.99). It says, "PEACE on earth", with wintry designs decorating it. On the bottom, it says "Holiday 2006". Chinese porcelain, it holds 14 ounces of coffee (or whatever one might put in it). Is 14 ounces Grande or Vente?

Coffee: Colombian Supremo ground in my new burr grinder (that I'm starting to get the hang of). I neglected to document the mug when I got it Tuesday morning and had it filled with a Guatemalan coffee,

Notes: Peace on Earth Holiday Mug. The generic Winter Holiday Wish. Of course, that's all that one can really expect from a "holiday"; just a wish. I don't want to get into the "War on Christmas" stuff, because truth be told, that war was lost long ago. I just want to point out how sad it is that we would make a mid-winter wish for peace, when in Christ alone there is the reality of true peace. "Peace on Earth. Good will to all men" said the angels heralding the Christ's birth.

Postscript: Of further interest is the meeting I had that provided the opportunity to secure this mug. In my clumsy efforts at being an Alpha Advisor, I met two young "missionaries" who are trying to run Alpha at their church plant in downtown Dallas. One of them was sent here five years ago as a church planter from Antioch Church in Waco. You may recognize Antioch as the church that sent the two women missionaries to Afghanistan a few years ago.

What do Afghanistan and Dallas have in common? A need to know Jesus and his Gospel of Salvation.

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