Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coffee Slushee.

Mug: Another Starbucks Travel Mug. Pretty leak-proof, good heat retention, an all-around good travel mug that holds 14 ounces. The plastic lid and handle have a nice "rubbery" feel to them. Good to the lips and fingers.

Coffee: A bean from Timor that I roasted myself to a Full City roast. I bought the beans from Sweet Maria's Green Coffees in Oakland, California. Very nice flavor, sort of like a Sumatra I guess.

Note: Before there was Slurpee, there was (and still is) Slushee. 7-Eleven Corporation bought the machines and technology for their Slurpees from Slushee and took it to a new level, but the original Slushee Frozen Beverage can still be found. They have a polar bear as their mascot. There are aficionados who claim one is better than the other. Slurpee/Slushee aficionados. Who'd have imagined?

I suppose there are fanatics for everything... including coffee mugs.

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