Thursday, January 04, 2007

For my inner-Yankee.

Mug: Another diner mug. Good heft, shape, and tactile experience. Ugly design, but of an esoteric sort appealing to immigrants from New Jersey, Delaware, and regions thereabout.

Coffee: Back to the Colombian Supremo. I'm still trying work out the best settings for my burr grinder, so going back to my coffee base helps in the experimentation.

Notes: White Castle is a much-beloved hamburger chain from the Eastern Seaboard that has failed to penetrate the southwest. A White Castle burger (lovingly referred to as "Sliders" for the puck-like size) is similar to a sausage/biscuit sandwich. Imagine a flavorless sausage/biscuit sandwich with ketchup and a pickle. See why they haven't made inroads into the land of the Hunger-Buster?

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