Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Old Mugs never die... they just become pencil cups.

Mug: Handmade, low-fire mug from Italy. It fell to the table and shattered. The hand-painted decorations were just too cool to throw it away, so I glued it back together with Emer's Carpenter's Glue and saved it to use as a pencil cup.

Contents: Various stuff that fits in a verticle holder. Hi-Liters, Xacto knives, #2 pencils, tape measure from IKEA, Palm Sunday cross, and other floatsom and jetsom from my life.

Background: This mug was made by an artisan (Ceramica DeSimone) who had supposedly studied under Pablo Picasso. It's a very thick mug, but made with a very light-weight clay (and very brittle). Each mug was unique, the glaze is very rough and primitive, looking almost like something that would have been made in Roman times for general, almost disposable use (the "Big-Gulp" mug of the Roman Circus, perhaps).

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