Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Big Gulp of Mud.

MUG: 16 ounce hand-glazed, machine made mug from Pottery Barn Outlet (I didn't know they still sold pottery). I picked this up yesterday after crossing the River Styx in San Marcos. The walls are thick, but the mug is lightweight (relatively), indicating lots of air in the clay, and therefore great insulation qualities. By my standards, it is huge, holding in one pour almost my entire current daily consumption of coffee. 

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombian Supremo Estate. I've said enough already. Its excellent flavor cuts through my seasonal (April-October) allergies.

NOTES: This is my color. It's sort of a taupe. We used to call it PMS-MUD around the office and home, referencing both the Pantone Matching System and my initials. For awhile, I used this color on everything that fell into my grasp. Walls, clothes, brochures, paintings, life.

I codified this color as mine when I acquired a set of six West German made Waechtersbach coffee mugs (as extolled here often) in this color in 1976. Later inquiries with WaechstersbachUSA about getting replacement mugs for the ones that had crashed to earth over the years (or rather, tile floor) resulted in a denial that they had ever made (or imported) mugs of that color. More on this, soon.

PMS-407, or PMS Warm Grey 4.

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