Monday, October 01, 2012

The True Cup

MUG: Chinese-made diner-style mug. I love this mug. Thick walls, great lip feel, good finger handle, and understated decoration all combine to make this an exceptionally enjoyable coffee vehicle. This mug is just slightly smaller than the ten to twelve ounce mugs I normally employ. This mug holds eight ounces, or, one exact measuring cup. The mythical "coffee-maker" cup is closer to five ounces.

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombian Supremo Estate. Rich, full flavor coffee despite my allergies' interference. Last week's stand-in from Taste Wobegon can't hold a candle to this example of the Colombian bean.

NOTES: I think I purchased this coffee at the Café Du Monde on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I doubt chicory root will ever again taint it.

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