Monday, October 15, 2012

When you Keurig enough to serve the very best.

CUP: Conical-shaped white china. Probably Chinese-made, but I didn't invert the cone to find out. Would have been rude to dump coffee on my host's floor. 10-12 ounce capacity. Nice lip feel, good handle, this mug has a good combination of girly design and manly size.

COFFEE: Polka-Java blend from Buna Bean coffee roasters in Ennis, Texas. It's really a Mocha Java blend, but named with a pun due to Ennis' annual Polka Festival and its Czech heritage.

NOTES: Spent the night with a friend and his wife in their neat American Craftsman style home in old Ennis Texas. Before I left the next morning, he made me a cup of coffee using his Keurig machine, but he fresh grinds his beans and puts them in the Keurig basket, instead of using a Vue-Pak (?). It made by far the best cup of Keurig coffee I've ever had.

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