Monday, October 08, 2012

Taupe O'Gee, Joe!

MUG: Waechstersbach 2 ounce mug. Made in Western Germany (that should tell you something).

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombian, espressed. Contrary to popular opinion, dark-roasted (burned) "Espresso Roast" coffee is not necessary to made a good cup of espresso.

NOTES: Last month, while cruising ebay, I ran across this taupe/mud miniature mug from Waechtersbach. I am not sure if it was produced as an espresso cup, or as a novelty/souvenir from the Bavarian factory-town of Waechtersbach. How could I resist its charms?

NOTES 2: The title of this post is another painful pun. If you get it, you are probably old.

A little tricky under the espresso machine.

In comparison with a standard-sized Waechtersbach coffee mug.

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